10 einfache und stilvolle Freizeitfrisuren für langes Haar

This double twisted low ponytail looks super elegant and complex. However, you can style it yourself with all the ease of pulling your hair back in a basic low pony. Take a thin section of hair from either side of your face and twist both strands tightly. Join these twisted strands with the rest of your hair. Then, secure all of your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Add a few hairpins to keep the twists secure if needed. Put a stylish and sleek finishing touch on this look with a hair ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around your head like a headband and tie it in a bow around your ponytail in the back.
Wavy Half Up Half Down Bun
If you’re looking for a casual and trendy updo for long hair that looks less tousled and more sleek, try out this elegant half up half down bun.This half up half down hairstyle looks super sleek and professional, and it’s very easy to style yourself. All you have to do is secure the top layers of your hair at the crown of your head in a loose classic ballet bun, and leave the rest of your locks free. For added dimension that doesn’t look messy, use a thin flat iron or a curling rod to create loose curls at the ends of your hair.

Wavy Half Up Half Down Twist

Half up half down twist hairstyles like this one might look complex and impressive, but they’re actually super easy to style yourself. You don’t need much experience or skill with styling hair to pull off this style in your hair. It takes just a few minutes in the morning, and it’s a super versatile style. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy and needs a little help with volume, use a thin flat iron or curling rod to create curls in your loose hair. Apply a liberal amount of texturizing spray or serum (sea salt spray works great) through the ends of your hair and scrunch your locks to relax your curls into effortless beach-y waves.

Curly Twisted Updo

This may come as a surprise to you, but you don’t actually need mad hair styling skills to pull off a super sleek curly twisted updo like this one. Wearing your long hair in this versatile style can dress up or professionalizes any outfit. This curly updo style will give any look an instantaneous sleek, elegant finish. All you need to pull off this style for your own hair is a flat iron or curling rod and a few hairpins to secure your updo.
If you have long hair, the possibilities for styling are endless. That being said, having long locks and trying to figure out how to style your hair every day can get pretty overwhelming. These 10 quick and easy stylish hairstyles for long hair are ideal for casual, trendy everyday wear–and they can shave quite a bit of time off of your morning styling routine. Table of Contents : 1. Straight Half Up Half Down Messy Knot 2. Wavy Half Up Half Down Bun 3. Wavy Half Up Half Down Twist 4. Curly Twisted Updo 5. Wavy Half Up Half Down Pony with Hair Bandana 6. Double French Braids with Curled Ends 7.  French Braided High Ponytail 8. Beach-y Waves with Piece-y Bangs 9. Half Up Half Down Bubbled Ponytail 10. Double Twisted Low Ponytail with Hair Ribbon Headband

Straight Half Up Half Down Messy Knot

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